This is the fun part. Choosing your own style is very important and we can often help you refine your own ideas with suggestions about what works well.

When you come in to talk with our wedding planning team, we can show you our photo albums and favourite magazines, come up with ideas to complement yours to identify and express the style that suits you best. Often a colour theme helps bring your look together strongly.

This style runs throughout the choice of food and beverages, and the venue presentation. One important choice is the type of celebration meal you want to offer your family and friends, as hospitality, food and wine is the classic celebration of a marriage.

You may like to choose from these popular choices, or come up with another approach to suit your style:

  • A plated meal, served individually to your guests at their tables. This is a slightly more formal approach, and is especially suitable where you are making a real feature of fine food and wine
  • A buffet table, where your guests make their own choices from a range of dishes. This is a slightly less formal style, and is good where you want people to mix and mingle
  • A shared ‘family’ style, where platters of food are placed on the tables for guests to help themselves. This is a very relaxed approach, more of a communal style where guests pass food around the table as they talk with each other
  • Food stations, where different food is available from different stations around the room throughout the night. This is great for a more party style wedding