We understand arranging a farewell for a loved one can bring a lot of stress during a time of grieving.
With “Drop Off” catering, we deliver your food to your door on the day.
The catering will include all serving instructions as well as serving tongs and platters.
We collect the unwashed catering equipment the next working day or a time that suits you.
The food will be in iced down igloos and you can leave the food in these igloos until you are ready to serve it.

(v) Vegetarian | (vg) Vegan | (gf) Gluten Free | (tbr) To be Reheated



Roast Chicken, Herb Stuffing and Crispy Bacon Sandwiches
Prosciutto, Rocket and Dried Fig Rolls (gf)
Salmon Gravlax on Rye with Homemade Tartare
Springfield Sausage Rolls with Ruth Pretty Tomato Sauce (tbr)
Little Pork Pies with Feijoa Chutney
Little Pumpkin Scones with Leg Ham and Quince Jelly
Parmesan Potato Topped Beef Pies with Ruth Pretty Tomato Chilli Jam (tbr)
Little Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels
Smoked Salmon Rolls with Horseradish Cream (gf)
Herbed Prawns with Lime Wasabi Dressing (on chopsticks) (gf)
Prosciutto Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Preserved Lemon Couscous
Venerdi Sandwiches with Roasted Vegetables and Hummus (vg) (gf)
Selection of Little Cakes (v)

Option 1: $24.00 (excluding GST) per guest for 5 items and each guest will receive 5 pieces
Option 2: $28.00(excluding GST) per guest for 6 items and each guest will receive 6 pieces
Option 3: $32.00 (excluding GST) per guest for 7 items and each guest will receive 7 pieces
Option 4: $36.00 (excluding GST) per guest for 8 items and each guest will receive 8 pieces
To Book: events@ruthpretty.co.nz or call us on 06 364 3161
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