The Accidental Wedding Venue and Caterer - Prefab Hall

Happy accidents at just the right time worked out beautifully for Liyana and Richard in planning their wedding.  

 While Richard and his mother were enjoying coffee at Wellington’s stylish Prefab Café they happened to mention he was looking for a wedding venue. Owner Bridget Dunn suggested the Prefab Hall “out the back”, and the space and courtyard turned out to be perfect for the “low-key, relaxed” afternoon ceremony and reception they were after.

 Then, during the early planning Ruth Pretty Catering took over responsibility for catering and managing Prefab Hall, and became their accidental caterer. “Our main priority was good food, and with Ruth we definitely got it,” they said.

 “We wanted our wedding to be minimum stress, all about relaxing and being with our families and friends, and having great food. Especially the great food,” Liyana explained.

 “For example, we didn’t want formal posed wedding shots or a photographer taking us away from our celebration for ages and missing out on the fun! Our very good and generous friend Michael Booth agreed to take some photos so we had a record of the day, but with no fuss.  

 “We really like Prefab’s relaxed café food, and originally were going to have that style. Then when Ruth took over the catering, we were really stoked because we were given heaps of amazing food options. They asked for our ideas, and addressed all our wishes.

 “We especially wanted Panna Cotta for dessert and the amazing Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta with Pineapple, Mint and Ginger Salad was our absolute favourite from the whole menu. 

 “Our 75 guests loved all the food, from passarounds to the sit-down meal (see menu here). There was even a special bag of afternoon snacks for our 3-year-old nephew Obi, and his own menu. The late-night Cinnamon Doughnuts with Chocolate Ganache Sauce were a real treat, too!

 “Ruth’s team, especially Ashleigh, is super-organised and emailed regularly so we were always up-to-date with arrangements. I think we were among the first weddings to be held at Prefab Hall, so it was nice to be somewhere new. We felt really lucky to “accidentally” end up with Ruth.

 “Rich’s Mum did the flowers, and as part of our low-key, low-stress approach we just let her do what she wanted. The room looked great, and suited our overall relaxed look. My lacy dress was made by an Australian label Lover, and my bridesmaids chose their dresses from the Moochi bridesmaid collection.

 Liyana concludes that “Richard and I went into our wedding not necessarily looking forward to having a day all about us. We did get a bit stressed during the lead up, but I think most people do.

 “It turned out to be such a wonderful day, we're very glad we did it and wouldn't change a thing. Other than stressing! “she laughed.


Photo Credit: Michael Booth