We are privileged to cater for some very large and significant events, and naturally we pull out all the stops to ensure they are fabulous.

For such events – like Pinot Noir Conference 2013 and 2017 for up to 800 guests over four days, or Porirua City's 50th Celebration 2015 – we set up a special project team.

Ruth and a project team brings together food and beverage concepts, theming and decorative needs, planning and logistical aspects and additional staffing requirements. It’s full on!

Our industry contacts and experience means we can call on some of the best people in the business to supplement our own resources. That may be designing signature cocktails (like Skull Island Punch and Ape Expectations for the King Kong premiere) or creating stunning decorations (like Diane Cheyne’s Pinot vine trees for a themed Christmas event) or creating dinners using celebrity chefs (like the Air New Zealand Wine Awards Gala Dinners designed by Air New Zealand’s consultant chefs and cooked by our team).