Lunch on a Stick

“We’ve been to Springfield before for our Christmas staff get-together, and loved the combination of fantastic food, gorgeous garden setting and relaxed time together,” explained Kelly Haar, of Levin’s Queen Street Dental.

“Last time we all made pizzas and loved it; this time our “party class” was based around food on skewers, part demo/part hands-on activity.  

 “We had a lot of fun, joked we’d skewer any food item that didn’t move, and helped with the barbecue before settling down to devour it all.”  See menu and details here.

“The combination of Ruth’s team showing us how do things and doing some of them ourselves worked really well for our group. .

“There were games to play on the lawns, Ruth and Paul’s dogs joined in the fun at times, and it was simply a great day out to relax with our colleagues.  And we didn’t have to set up first or clear up after  ..  bliss!,” she smiled.

Ruth added that “party classes” are popular for groups from 10-40, especially if members are interested in good food but don’t necessarily want to do a full-scale cooking class.  

“Within the 12.00pm - 4.00pm timeframe they can also have a look at our catering kitchen, herb and kitchen gardens if they’d like to, and then relax either in our Springfield home or outside under the trees,” she explained.