Celebrating a Milestone at Prefab Hall

Everyone loves a birthday party, especially birthdays ending in 0. To celebrate his 40th, James and Morag wanted a relaxed event where friends and family could mingle easily, with interesting food and drinks, and room for music and dancing.

Prefab Hall in Wellington, set up with bars and food stations, was the stylish answer for his 90 guests.

Every good party starts with champagne, and something delicious to eat immediately. “With 10 regular passaround choices and another 8 special GF, V, DF, NF options, everyone had plenty to eat. The canapes ranged from Ruth’s famous chicken sandwiches to small cups of salt and pepper squid,” said James.

“Later food stations opened, and I think it was a draw between Ruth’s even more famous Whitebait Fritters and the Classic Burgers and Fries. See menu here.

“Food stations are ideal for guests to cruise, share recommendations and go back for more. No-one has to eat anything they don’t want, and dietary needs are easily met.

“One of my friends said he was in Whitebait Heaven, while the White Chocolate and Blackcurrant Crème Brûlées were simply hoovered up on the dessert station. Luckily, most people had a bit of room left for birthday cake.

“Staying with our ‘plenty of choice’ approach, we offered eight different non-alcoholic drinks, including Ruth’s colourful and refreshing Perfumed Punch, wines, craft beers, cider and a very popular Mojito Bar.  

“Prefab Hall is a great space for this kind of party. It was warm enough for guests to go outside into the courtyard, and large enough for dancing. 40 is a milestone birthday – neither young nor old! – I felt we did it proud. I felt well and truly celebrated,” James laughed.

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