Lucinda and Michael had a very clear and simple wish:  "a relaxed and yummy wedding”.

 After living overseas for two years, they also wanted  to catch up with family and friends they hadn’t seen in  that time.

 Non-negotiable as far as they were concerned were  good food, good wine, good company, relaxed attitude  and Ruth Pretty Catering.




Lucinda and her mother Jo Boyer know weddings from the inside, having worked for Ruth during college and medical school holidays, and as function manager, respectively. Their experience helped make the day "just what we wanted, a wonderfully relaxed combined effort with friends and family.


 "Even our labradoodle Haggis contributed, although not in the way we expected,” Lucinda laughed.

 " Haggis stepped up as "flower dog” when Jo’s goddaughter from the UK couldn’t come, and did a splendid job in his tulle ruffle, walking me up the aisle.


 "The excitement of the banquet happening in the marquee obviously got the better of him and he stole a whole raw beef fillet from the cook tent. Obviously Ruth’s food was irresistible.


 "We don’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed! He has never stolen so much as a cracker in seven years” she explained.


 Ruth said "I stepped away from a large stacker trolley of whole raw beef fillets, to be in a photo with Lucinda and admire her San Patrick dress, from Jane Yeh in Parnell. After all, I have known her since she was five. 


 "I was gone for two minutes, so Haggis saw and took his opportunity very fast. We were one fillet short, but fortunately always take more than actually needed to cover the two choices.”


 The mid afternoon ceremony was held in Jo and Tim Boyer’s spacious Te Horo garden Totaranui, with a marquee for the wedding feast and dancing. Father Michael McCabe took a beautiful service under the rose arbour and piper Roy Hitchcock gave a stirring rendition of Highland Cathedral and other tunes.


 Jo said "Everyone helped: most of the flowers came from neighbours’ gardens, all the arrangement were done by neighbours and a cousin, including the beautiful large country bouquets. 


"We mowed lawns and watered the garden for months during last summer’s heat to keep it fresh. We had a perfect summer’s day, and it all looked magical.


"Some of my fabulous middle of the night ideas tended to make Tim’s eyes glaze over. He spent hours twirling a trailer-load of farm posts on a jig, and patiently painting them in black and white candy stripes, topped with a gold acorn, to look like Venetian poles.


 "The idea was to surprise Lucinda and Michael, by  reminding them of a wonderful holiday we all had in  Italy when Michael worked in Cremona. It worked,”  she smiled.


 On the food front, there were specific requests,  including quite a few ‘oldies but goodies’. After  preliminary passarounds, we chose a served entree  and main course, followed by a dessert buffet so  people can get up and move around.


 Having served probably thousands, Lucinda stipulated  Ruth’s signature whitebait fritters, with bubbly. The Home Smoked Duck Salad with Fresh Figs was a fresh, seasonal and fabulous entrée, from a wonderful local supplier of beautiful figs.


 Jo was "definite” she wanted the Vanilla Bavarois layered with Botrytis Jelly in the dessert buffet: "I had had it at Paul’s 60th party and never forgot it.


 "Lucinda and Michael wanted a memorable cheese table, which was also made by a neighbour. We taste tested possibilities in advance with OnTrays in Petone, and they matured our choices perfectly. The blue cheese and cheddar both weighed 5kg, and looked as good as they tasted."


 Lucinda and Michael say feedback from their guests has unanimous: superb food, amazing waiting staff and a very happy relaxed wedding.


 "Paul and Ruth’s attention to detail in the planning leaves you in no doubt that all will be well on the day – hence the relaxed atmosphere. Having seen this from the other side, I was totally confident.


"We were thrilled to have such a lovely day, with lots of happy family and friends,” they concluded.

Photography by Melanie Dixson & Chris McCarthy at The Photo


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