Pie Station Menu


Panhead Custom Ales Port Road Pilsner 

Snapper Pie with Parmesan Crumble and Tartare Sauce



Panhead Custom Ales Quick Change Xtra Pale Ale

Roasted Mushroom and Lemon Thyme Brioche Pie with Sour Cream



Panhead Custom Ales Super Charger American Pale Ale

Steak, Mushroom and Super Charger Ale with Minted Pea Puree and Syrah Syrup



 Panhead Custom Ales Blacktop Oat Stout

 Chicken, Bacon and Prune Pie with Cranberry Chutney



Panhead Custom Ales Johnny Octane and Panhead Hermann Holeshot Hoppenweisse

  Farm Raised Venison and Ginger Pie with Citrus Syrup






Panhead Custom Ales Port Road Pilsner

  Pilsner and Apple Ice Cream served in Waffle Cones