Ruth is in charge of all the food for all our clients. Our trademark style is generous, fresh, local, seasonal and tasty.

We are strong advocates of fresh New Zealand produce and other high quality foods and beverages. We love to give our guests the chance to experience excellent New Zealand food, whether it’s for a function in New Zealand with overseas guests or maybe an overseas event.

We don’t have "standard menus”. For each client, once the overall style of the function is agreed, Ruth puts together a seasonal selection of menu choices from which the client selects. Or she may just recommend an entire menu, after discussion.

The selection is carefully balanced to include hot and cold items, and vegetable items to provide maximum choice. We cater for special requests like gluten-free or vegan items as well.

Because we are lucky enough to be based in the market gardening district of Te Horo, most of our produce is grown nearby. We grow most of our own salad ingredients and herbs, and many local growers produce to our specification.

Often the vegetables or salad served was picked the morning of the function. We can’t get fresher than that.

Some of our dishes have become classics – like whitebait fritters and little roasted vegetable tartlets – and they often appear on menus simply because everyone loves them and wants their guests to share them too.

Cocktail party food is an art form of its own. It must be tasty, interesting and beautiful. A single bite (two at the most) is perfect. It must never ooze down a guest’s best outfit.

Cocktail food needs some substance to balance the drinks. A mix of hot and cold items. Always, vegetarian choices. Simple striking presentation, not fussy.