The Brief

Our client company invited 120 guests to the opening of an art exhibition, which included a tour with the curator. The client is a major supporter of the visual arts, and this is an annual function for significant customers, suppliers and associates.

Our brief was for served drinks and passaround food for two hours, 6-8pm. Because many of the guests have attended this function before, we needed to ensure ‘new’ food items were included as well as some of our classics.

The Result

Our staff greeted guests on arrival with welcoming drinks trays. Later, there was a choice of additional premium wines.

Non alcoholic drinks, especially sparkling mineral water, are well received by guests who often attend many functions. For a cool change, we also offered the delicious Springfield Lavender Lemonade.

From a choice of 25 items proposed, the host selected seven. This gave each guest 9 items of served food, including hot, cold and vegetarian items. We find vegetarian items are just as appreciated by non-vegetarian guests. Interestingly, good sandwiches are always snapped up quickly.

For a function of this size and duration, for a very discerning client with important guests, we provided a function manager, two chefs and eight servers to ensure hot food and professional service. For example, our well-briefed serving staff introduce each food item, looking each guest confidently in the eyes and never leave a guest holding debris.

We provided all the glassware and furniture (eg trestles for the bar and reception tables, cloths, even a coat rack), and cooking equipment to supplement the venue’s facilities. Afterwards, we cleaned and restored the premises. Our client did not need to be involved in any of the set-up or clean-up.

We don’t have standard menus or catering packages, as everything is custom-made to suit. Please call us on 06-364 3161 or email to talk about your event and how we could help you. We can give you indicative prices to help you plan your budget, as well as other practical suggestions to make your event a success.


Goat Cheese Tarts
with Caramelised Onion

Skewered Lamb Balls
with Bocconcini Centres

Little Fillet of Beef Burgers
with Wasabi Cream

Tuna and Avocado Tartare

Tempura Prawns
with Ponzu Sauce

Little Roasted Vegetable Tarts

Roast Chicken, Herb Stuffing
and Crispy Bacon Sandwiches