The Brief

When our client company’s Board hosted overseas associates for private discussions, they wanted a light yet satisfying lunch for 8 in their office.

The company kitchen was small and not equipped for entertaining, and staff members were occupied with the visitors so had little time to be actively involved in preparations. In addition, there was a tight timetable because of other commitments.

The Result

Our staff (a function manager and server) set up the board room ready to receive guests, including co-ordinating floral decorations, while the chef took over the company kitchen. We provided all the necessary flatware, crockery and linen for the occasion.

The three course lunch, with coffee and a tiny sweet taste, was served individually as the guests talked in a relaxed yet business-like and private environment. The whole event was completed from 12 noon – 1.15pm. Afterwards, the Ruth Pretty Catering team cleared and cleaned so there was no trace of the function an hour later.

We don’t have standard menus or catering packages, as everything is custom-made to suit. Please call us on 06-364 3161 or email to talk about your event and how we could help you. We can give you indicative prices to help you plan your budget, as well as other practical suggestions to make your event a success.


Served Entrée

Mushroom and Lemon Thyme Galette with Rocket, served with Artisan Bread and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Served Main course

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken on Tomatoes with Balsamic Vinegar
Accompanied by Mashed Potatoes with Preserved Lemon, and Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Mint, Cucumber and Peas

Cheese Plate

Crescent Dairy Old Gold and Whitestone Windsor Blue with Ruth Pretty Quince Jelly, Pear Paste and Homemade Cumin Seed Wafers

To Finish

L’affare Plunger Coffee or Loose Leaf Tea
or Mint Tea

A tiny slice of Diet-be-Damned Brownie