English Cycling & Food Heritage in Greytown

 Celebrating a new  store dedicated to  hand-built English  bicycles  naturally lent  itself to traditional  English food, updated  with a Ruth  Pretty twist.

 Blackwell & Sons is the perfect addition to the pretty Victorian  township of Greytown. Located in an historical Main Street  building, the store beautifully and simply displays bicycles and  stylish paraphernalia to best advantage.

Owner Adam Blackwell says "You won’t find lycra or fluro here. Pashley bicycles design has not changed since 1926, although many of the components are very modern. Hand-built, they last for generations and families take pride in handing these heritage bikes down.









  "The store has a gallery feel, which complements Greytown’s unique shopping experience. The small Wairarapa town is a favourite with Wellingtonians for weekends away or a day’s shopping. It’s also flat and quiet: ideal for gentle cycling”.

"With cycles called Britannia and Princess Sovereign, it’s all very English, and we wanted the opening to reflect that.


Ruth says she "had a lot of fun coming up with a passaround menu inspired by traditional English food. We went for dressed up pub food as well as fancier items.


Adam commented that "Paul’s expertise with planning and logistics means we had total confidence everything would go well, and meant we could concentrate on our guests.

"Ruth, Paul and their team know  instinctively how to present a function so  that everything flows beautifully. That only  comes with experience, and we benefited  with a seamless opening, enjoyable for  guests and hosts alike.

 "Our guests loved the stylish Englishness  of the whole evening. Some said it was  the "best do we’ve ever been to”,” Adam concluded.