Barbecue After-wedding lunch

The Brief

Our clients wanted to invite friends and family – especially those from overseas - to their home for lunch the day after their daughter’s wedding, but realised they had no time to organise it. They wanted a relaxed casual event, recognising everyone had eaten very well at the wedding held at our Springfield property the previous night.

The Result

The first idea of setting up a marquee was abandoned in favour of a more casual "family style” barbecue. The deck overlooking Wellington Harbour was chosen (and the weather co-operated) and we added casual tables and sun umbrellas.

A buffet style barbecue gave everyone the chance to talk and for the bride and groom to circulate. We set up cooking facilities in the garage, and brought in all the necessary furniture, equipment and tableware to ensure minimum stress for the bride’s parents.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were co-opted to help with beverage service, which allowed them to catch up with other guests again. As both bridesmaids were former staff members, there was no loss of quality!

We kept the food simple and tasty, so everyone could help themselves. Rather than a formal dessert, we offered our famous Diet Be Damned Chocolate Brownies with tea and coffee from the kitchen island for a genuinely at-home touch.

We also left a glazed ham with chutneys and breads for the bride’s mother to serve later in the evening if anyone wanted a late supper.

We don’t have standard menus or catering packages, as everything is custom-made to suit. Please call us on 06-364 3161 or email to talk about your event and how we could help you. We can give you indicative prices to help you plan your budget, as well as other practical suggestions to make your event a success.



Ricotta and Pesto Torte with Crostini
Smoked Salmon Mousse
with Toasted Pita Crisps and Crudités

BBQ Lunch

Pork Sausages in a Roll
with Ruth Pretty Chutneys

Lamb Cutlets with Tamarillo Chutney

Moroccan-style Chicken
with Lemon Saffron Chutney

Melange of Barbecued
Mediterranean Vegetables

Iceberg Salad from La Rioja

Sourdough Bread

To serve with
L’Affare Plunger Coffee/Loose Leaf Tea/
Mint Tea

Diet Be Damned Chocolate Brownies