Super Starbag Supper

We were delighted to receive this note from a Starbag fan at WOW® last year.

“Getting a Starbag was a great decision.  Arriving early meant we had no parking hassles, watched the pre-show entertainment and “reviewed” the interesting clothes other guests wore.

“Better still, the Starbag gave us a generous, tasty and no-fuss supper. My friend and I enjoyed delving into the bag to see what delicious treats were coming up next. We saved the sweet treats until later but polished off the wine promptly!

“My friend appreciated being able to order a vegetarian Starbag. At $45 the price was reasonable and the convenience factor was priceless.  Thank you Ruth.”

What else can we say?  Think of this as a Picnic in a Bag. See the menu here, with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options here. You do need to order Starbags at least three days in advance; they are not available at the door, sorry.


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