Beautiful Beaded Baubles

 We are very proud to have these beautifully beaded baubles in the Kitchen Shop. Not only are they beautiful, but (as with food) knowing their story improves the experience.

Made in South Africa, they were brought to New Zealand by Jane Rutledge from Palmerston North, during her time there with Volunteer Service Abroad NZ.

Enjoying interacting with women in the townships, Jane took the initiative to support their local craft products and bought 1500 baubles to bring back to New Zealand. Knowing Ruth, Te Horo was top of her list of possible local outlets.

“The women were paid immediately for their work and were delighted that these hand-woven beaded decorations were coming to New Zealand. They will use this money mainly for educating their children.

“The baubles were made north of Durban in the heart of Kwa-zulu Natal. Zulu women are well known for producing these exquisite Christmas bead decorations.

“I’m delighted Ruth is sharing them with others. At least three generations of the women in my family have enjoyed classes and family events with Ruth, so it’s a very nice connection” Jane said.

“I know of many families where a grandmother or godmother buys a special Christmas decoration for a child so it’s “theirs”, and builds a collection over the years.  It’s a lovely tradition for someone who will enjoy their beauty and heritage,” added Ruth.

“Beadwork takes real skill, as each ball is hand woven and individually designed by a woman in the group reflecting her creativity.  They are unique Christmas decorations.