Snap Happy

As the old year finished and the new year began I felt the need to look at old photos. I wanted to be reminded of things and people in the past and to reminisce. Perhaps I was overtired from the build-up to Christmas, as a caterer does have to make hay while the sun shines, or was my meandering back into time induced by the advent of a leap year. I convinced myself it was the second option.

I spend many hours a week talking to couples about their weddings. I am often asked if I believe a professional photographer is required at weddings as so many guests snap happily to capture moments. But I remind the brides and grooms that wedding guests work to their own agenda. Recently a bride told me that after her special day her only regret was that she had no photograph with her mother.

During the holidays I mused over Paul and my wedding photos from over 30 years ago. There are group family photos, my mother and me, Paul and his mother, extended family and friends and James my stepson who was four and wearing a wee suit. Jane Ussher was our photographer and in a recent article Jane said "happiness can be behind a camera waiting and looking”. No guest has time to do that!

In this newsletter you can read about our staff party where I fell into the trap of expecting guests to take millions of photos. Not so, as like all guests their agenda was to eat, drink and be merry. Next year for our staff party I will hire a pro.

Enjoy the leap year, and special wishes to everyone celebrating their ‘real’ birthday every four years.