The KISS Barbecue Secret With Ruth Pretty

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  • The KISS Barbecue Secret With Ruth Pretty

The KISS Barbecue Secret With Ruth Pretty

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Ssssh, don’t tell anyone, but Ruth Pretty says the secret of barbecue success is keeping it simple. Yes, the old KISS principle. Maybe you thought a caterer would go for complicated, fiddly, clever bits and pieces; but you would be wrong.

Ruth’s barbecues are all about relaxation so that everyone including the hosts has a good time and good food. It’s not sausages and chops; that part goes without saying.

Most of this class will take place actually in front of the barbecue plates themselves, so you can watch your lunch prepared in front of you as Ruth describes every little detail to take your barbecue to the next level. You will also see how to get organised, how to choose a menu that is varied, interesting, tasty and will appeal to practically everyone. Vegetarians are allowed to barbecue too, you know.

Ruth has said this before, so we’re not revealing secrets to say she believes that "less is usually more, so focus on a few fabulous big items and don‘t stress over endless fiddly offerings.” Her catering experience is invaluable when it comes to what you can prepare ahead of time, how to ‘hold’ foods without spoiling until you are ready for them, and 101 more helpful tips so that your barbecues this summer are simply brilliant.