Tapas Cheese Raclette

  • Tapas Cheese Raclette

Tapas Cheese Raclette

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The tapas cheese raclette from the Taste collection includes a wooden box, non-stick grillplate with a convenient handle, and a stylish framework with detailed ‘cheese holes’ so that the tea lights shine through. And the anti stick coating of the grill plate makes serving the melted cheese a breeze. The components of this set all fit together nicely for a beautiful eye-catching presentation.p>

The Partyclette is easy to take with you on holiday, wherever you go: you can have a party in no time!


  • This set consists of three tea lights, a baking tray coated with Teflon, one plastic spatula and a luxurious dark wooden base with a stainless steel frame and mahogany wooden box.


  • The set is small and light and therefore easy to take with you when you travelling.
  • The set takes up little space and is therefore easy to store.
  • The Teflon baking tray is also particularly suitable for use on the barbecue.