Soy Marinated Salmon and Herb Salad with Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing

  • Soy Marinated Salmon and Herb Salad with Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing

Soy Marinated Salmon and Herb Salad with Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing


(serves 6)




Soy Marinated Salmon

juice of 1 lime

5 small shallots, finely sliced lengthways

¼ cup finely sliced spring onions, (sliced on a long angle, lengthwise 3-4cm, discarding the green hollow ends)

¾ cup loosely packed coriander leaves

¾ cup loosely packed mint leaves

2 cup baby salad greens and/or microgreens

½ red chilli, finely sliced

2 kaffir lime leaves, centre ribs removed and finely sliced

Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing




Remove skin from salmon and, thinly slice skin to garnish the finished salad. Flake salmon into large chunks and place into bowl.  Drizzle salmon with lime juice.

In a separate bowl place shallots, spring onions, coriander, mint, salad greens, chilli, lime leaves and heaped tablespoon Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing.  Gently toss to coat leaves.

To serve:  Into a large, shallow salad bowl place half of the baby salad greens and/or microgreens, aiming for height and lightness.  Drizzle with another heaped tablespoon of Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing.  Place half the flaked salmon on top of the salad greens.

Repeat with remaining ingredients to make two more layers.  Garnish with crispy salmon skin.

Serve immediately.


Soy Marinated Salmon

Serves 6



3 tablespoons Tamari soy sauce

3 tablespoons castor sugar

¾ tsp flaky sea salt

600g to 700g salmon fillet (bone out, skin on and cut into 3 – 4  pieces)

½ teaspoon olive oil



To make marinade:  In a small bowl combine soy sauce, sugar and salt.

Place salmon in a shallow, ceramic dish and pour in marinade.  Turn salmon to coat all surfaces with marinade.  Place in refrigerator to marinate for 2-3 hours.

Place stove top grill plate or heavy-based pan over a medium-high heat and heat till hot.  Alternatively heat barbecue till hot.

Pour oil onto grill plate, flat barbecue plate, or heavy based pan to grease. Alternatively, line grill plate, pan or barbecue with a Teflon sheet.

Reduce heat to medium.

Place salmon, flesh-side down, onto grill and cook for 3 minutes or till dark golden brown.

Turn salmon over onto skin-side and cook for a further 5 minutes till skin is crispy.

Cover with aluminium foil, second Teflon sheet, or if using barbecue with a lid, close the lid and cook for a further 3-4 minutes or till salmon centre is still pink but heated right through.

Remove salmon from grill plate and completely cool.



Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing

(makes 65ml)

Lime and Palm Sugar Dressing if refrigerated will keep for 5 days.



1 red chilli, deseeded

1 tablespoon palm sugar, grated

3 tablespoon lime juice

2 teaspoons Vietnamese or Thai fish sauce



In a mortar and pestle, wand blender or very small food processor mince chilli to a paste. Add palm sugar and lime juice and gently stir to dissolve sugar. Add fish sauce and stir to combine.