Pavlova with Strawberry Cream

  • Pavlova with Strawberry Cream

Pavlova with Strawberry Cream


(serves 10)




8 (250ml/1 cup) egg whites (at room temperature)

1/8 tsp salt

460g (2 cups + 4 tbsp) castor sugar

7g (1 tbsp) cornflour

5ml (1 tsp) malt vinegar

1/2 tsp pure vanilla essence

500ml {2 cups} – 1 l {4 cups}Strawberry Cream{ quantity depending on how extravagantly you wish to decorate pavlova}




  • Preheat oven to 100°C. Line a low-sided tray with baking paper and, using a plate or cake tin as template, draw a 23cm round.


  • Place egg whites, salt, sugar, cornflour, vinegar and vanilla into bowl of electric mixer fitted with whisk. Whisk for 25-30 minutes or until stiff peaks form.  The mixture should appear satiny and no sugar granules should be visibl


  • Using a large metal spoon, dollop mixture onto circle on prepared tray. Level top and sides of Pavlova. Your choice to smooth, or make peaks, on sides and top of Pavlova.


  • Place in oven and bake for 1 + 1/4 hours or until Pavlova is crisp on the outsid Remove from oven and cool. Store at room temperature loosely covered for up to one week. {If Pavlova is stored air tight the crisp exterior will soften.}


  • To serve place on a presentation plat Pipe or dollop Strawberry Cream on top of Pavlova. Portion as you serve.




Strawberry Cream

(yields 1.125l {4 ½ cups)


Addition of gelatine to whipped cream stabilises it. That is it will not separate. Store covered in refrigerator for up to one day.




15ml (1 tbsp) water

4g {1 + 1/3 tsp} gelatine powder

525ml (2 cups + 1 tbsp+ 2 tsp} cream

220g strawberry jam

1/2 tsp pure vanilla essence




  • Place water into a small bowl and sprinkle gelatine over the top. Leave to sponge for 10 minutes.


  • Place cream in a bowl and whip until just before soft peak stag


  • Add strawberry jam and vanilla and gently fold together.


  • Place bowl with gelatine into microwave for 10 seconds or until melted.


  • Pour into cream and whisk to combine, and until cream has soft peaks.