Mid-Winter Christmas with an Asian Touch

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  • Mid-Winter Christmas with an Asian Touch

Mid-Winter Christmas with an Asian Touch

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Only Tony Tan, one of our most long-standing and favourite guest presenters, could dream up and do this class.  Our kitchen is already excited about it, with less than one month to go.  Imagine unexpected flavour combinations as East meets West for a memorable, deliciously different, Christmas celebration.

As lots of you know, Tony is Malaysian-born, French trained and Melbourne-based chef and food writer. His classes push culinary boundaries, teach techniques and create flavour combinations to delight the palate.

He explains "My mum worked as a cook for the British during the colonial days in Malaysia and so Christmas obviously was a big deal. Even in the tropics, she would go full bore and stuff her turkey, glaze her ham and make the Christmas pudding. But always with a twist.

“Since then, I've kept up with this tradition gathering family and friends to share Christmas together. Sometimes I'll go all out, sometimes I'll lean towards the traditional and other times a bit more contemporary - but all with an Asian flavour.”

Imagine the sheer deliciousness of  a soy-poached turkey breast boosted with Shaoxing wine.  …  mmm! His “boozy trifle” is sure to have some unexpected flavour delights lurking in the layers.

So get a group of food-loving friends together and create your own mid-winter festivities. Tony does the cooking and you do the eating  …  think of this as your mid-Winter Christmas gift to yourself!


Saturday 22 June 2019

Sunday 23 June 2019

10.00am – 4.00pm, morning tea served from 9.15am