Lebanese Food Travels with Julie Le Clerc

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  • Lebanese Food Travels with Julie Le Clerc

Lebanese Food Travels with Julie Le Clerc

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A favourite at Springfield for many years, author and former café owner Julie Le Clerc brings a true family feeling and authenticity to her Lebanese food theme. 

She says “After discovering that my great grandfather (on my mother’s side) came from Lebanon, I’ve had a fascination with that part of the world and most especially with the food of the Levant. It’s definitely part of my DNA.”

“Lebanon was my first choice as an OE destination and I have eaten my way around the region three times now. The incredible variety of the cuisine is astounding and along with being truly delicious, it is a very healthy way of eating. After all, Lebanon lies on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean and so this cuisine embraces all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet”.

Without spoiling the surprise of all Julie’s dishes, we can reveal she has promised to explore the many secrets of making good, silky-smooth hummus. As she says, “there is hummus and there is hummus!”

Ruth says Julie’s menu of traditional and modern versions of some classic dishes has set the kitchen staff buzzing. Although not a vegetarian class, Julie says Lebanese cuisine includes some really clever and interesting vegetable dishes, which can be served as mezze or as side dishes.

And we can promise an “outrageously delicious dessert” to finish a day fully of interesting stories, travellers’ tales and mouthfuls of deliciousness guaranteed to silence the room.  As she says, “this is an abundant cuisine”.



Saturday 27 July 2019

Sunday 28 July 2019

10.00am – 4.00pm, morning tea served from 9.15am



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