Kids in the Kitchen: Part 25, Summer Pizza Party

  • Kids in the Kitchen: Part 25, Summer Pizza Party

Kids in the Kitchen: Part 25, Summer Pizza Party


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This is perfect if you have two or more keen kids. But one is fine, too, because we’ve split the class into older and younger kids, before they join up again in the spacious Springfield house to eat scrummy pizzas they have made themselves.

The bigger kids (11-18 year olds) get to make the main lunch in the Springfield house kitchen, with guidance from Ruth’s chefs.

Meanwhile, the younger kids (6-10 year olds) will handle dessert, also with help from Ruth’s people. Because every kid likes dessert.

Finally, everyone gets back together to make pizza. So it’s a pretty-near perfect lunch for all ages – pizza, salad and dessert -- all made with their own hands, and eaten together at Springfield house. The wood-fired pizza oven gives an authentic, moreish flavour and it fascinates kids of all ages.

Along the way, all the kids have learned a bit about working together in a group, quite a bit about food (especially from the garden) and lots about the fun of sharing a meal with new friends. They get the recipes to take home with pride, and hopefully to re-create for the family.


Thursday 30 January 2020

10.30am - 2.30pm, morning tea will be served with parents from 9.45am