EVENT Nana’s Big Day Out

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  • EVENT Nana’s Big Day Out

EVENT Nana’s Big Day Out

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Dear Nana, Back by popular request this Big Day Out as every Nana (or Nana equivalent) needs an outing. Who will enjoy the activities most, the kids or the adults? Hoping there will be smiles of delight all around from Nanas and kids as they discover the joy of sharing simple food preparation along with games and quizzes. Grown-ups value the shared time and helping kids understand that food can be fun.

The Garden Room at Springfield is filled with light, creating a relaxed sturdy venue. Nanas don’t mind that the espresso machine is handy either, just in case they need several caffeine boosts to keep up with the kids! Fluffies will abound.  See you there, Love Ruth.


Suitable for 3 to 7-year olds

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Ruth Pretty Garden Room 

Time: 10.30am for morning coffee and fluffies, class from 11.00am to 2.00pm

Price: $50 per person