Crunchy Sprinkle

  • Crunchy Sprinkle

Crunchy Sprinkle


(makes 55g)

Double or triple this recipe to store sprinkle to add crunch and flavour to many vegetable dishes. I like it on steamed green beans which have been dressed with lemon infused olive oil, or on a melange of roasted pumpkin, kumara and parsnip.


8g (1 tbsp) quinoa

125ml (½ cup) water

16g (2 tbsp) pumpkin seeds

8g (1 tbsp) chia seeds

8g (1 tbsp) linseeds

13g (2 tbsp) sunflower seeds


· Pre-heat oven to 150°C.

· Into a small bowl place quinoa and water and leave to soak for at least one hour or overnight. Drain well and tip onto a paper-towel lined tray to remove excess water.

· Transfer quinoa to a low-sided roasting tray and place into oven for 5 minutes or until quinoa is light golden brown and starting to pop. Place quinoa into a small bowl.

· Place pumpkin seeds onto a low-sided tray and place into pre-heated oven and roast for 5-6 minutes until puffed up and crispy. Repeat the same process with the chia, linseed and sunflower seeds but roasting for a lesser time of 4-5 minutes, or until crunchy and dried.

· Add seeds to bowl with quinoa and toss to combine.

· Serve warm or cold.

· Store in an airtight container in pantry for up to 1 month.


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