Crab Wontons

  • Crab Wontons

Crab Wontons


(makes 24)

The Trader Vics classic recipe is deep-fried in peanut oil and you may wish to cook this recipe that way also. Baking in the oven as per the recipe gives a golden coloured crisp result but without the deep fry odour and extra calories.


125g (1/2 cup) cream cheese (softened)
3 spring onions (sliced very thinly)
1 tbsp coriander leaves
240g (1 cup) crab meat (squeezed of excess water) (you will find frozen at some seafood shops and canned at many supermarkets)
1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1/2 tsp flaky sea salt
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
24 wonton wrappers (round or square)
45ml (3 tbsp) sesame oil



  • Preheat oven to 200°C.
  • Into a medium-size bowl place cream cheese, spring onions, coriander, crabmeat and sweet chilli sauce with salt and pepper to taste. Mix together.
  • Spread wonton wrappers onto a clean work surface, a few at a time. Place approximately 1 + 1/2 teaspoons of mixture in centre of each wonton wrapper.
  • Using a pastry brush moisten edges lightly with water. Fold in half to make triangles, trying to remove as much air as possible. Seal tightly. Brush with sesame oil and place on lightly greased baking tray.
  • Place into preheated oven and cook for about 10-15 minutes till they are golden brown and crisp.
  • Serve hot or warm with a sauce to dip such as sweet chilli sauce or tomato chilli jam.