Colour Magic Candles

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Colour Magic Candles

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These fun party candles burn with coloured flames!!!! 

Yes, instead of yellow, they burn with red, green, blue, purple and orange colour flames. They look just like ordinary birthday cake candles but watch the surprise and delight on everyone's faces when you light them, and turn out the lights.

These candles are great for both children and adults' celebrations whether six or sixty! Colour Magic birthday Candles candles are non-toxic and do not give off harmful smoke or combustion gases. Phew! Burning time is about 8 minutes which is much longer than it takes to sing 'Happy Birthday'!

Dimensions:Each candle is 55mm tall and 5mm wide and they come in a variety of pretty colours.
Contains: There are 12 candles in a pack, two in each wax colour. They burn with red, blue, purple, green and gold flames.