CLASS: Julie Le Clerc's Flavours from Greece

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  • CLASS: Julie Le Clerc's Flavours from Greece

CLASS: Julie Le Clerc's Flavours from Greece

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Join Julie Le Clerc, one of our most popular guest presenters and inveterate traveller, on this class all about her travels to Greece.

"Greece is widely known for its fascinating history, enchanting islands, picturesque villages, azure seas, magnificent weather, and some of the tastiest food in the world. With a rich heritage, influences from Middle Eastern, Italian and Ottoman cooking traditions can be seen in the age-old recipes. However, the real key to this flavour-packed Mediterranean cuisine is an abundance of fresh seasonal and locally grown ingredients, cooked with care to let their natural flavours shine."

As Julie says "I once spent a summer cooking on the island of Skiathos and ever since then, I have been in love with baked eggplants and large tomatoes filled with rice and fragrant herbs, stuffed vine leaves, succulent seafood, flaky filo pastry pies and thick strained yoghurt laced with honey. I’m addicted to Greek salads of feta, oregano, ripe tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and olives – an outstanding combination bursting with contrasting salty and crisp clean tastes and textures. I continue to relive that unforgettable Greek summer by regularly recreating the foods of those idyllic days in my own kitchen. These dishes always take me back to sunny images of olive, pomegranate, citrus and fig trees scattered among pretty white-washed villages.

 Since then, my Greek friends have passed on their grandmothers’ tips of attaching mincers to the table and making meatballs from scratch; sprinkling trays of tomatoes with a little sugar to sweeten their flesh; and hanging homemade yoghurt in muslin to strain over the kitchen sink. I’ve revisited Greece numerous times too, taking in different islands each time: Crete, Cyprus, Mykonos and also the mainland around the Peloponnese where my friend Yiorgios is from. I’ve been fortunate to visit his village in the mountains and meet his family by the seaside and taste real Greek cooking.


10.00am – 4.30pm, morning tea served from 9.15am in our Garden Room

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