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Cake Strips

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Nowadays, there are so many techno-gadgetry doohickies which make cooking a breeze, but somehow they don’t quite cut to the heart of the skill that is food preparation. It is still important to remember that while your microwave can probably be programmed by your phone these days, so many aspects require a more personal touch – and the tools can be much harder to find than an infra-red can opener.

Regency provides a wide range of unique and practical additions to your kitchen, without taking up another power board in your kitchen.

Cakes cracking under pressure? Or maybe they’re just drying out? Did you know that you can easily fix this problem with Regency’s Evenbake Cake Strips?

Made from aluminised fabric with Velcro backings, these strips just need to be soaked in water before being wrapped and secured around your cake pan. As you bake your cake, the Evenbake strips will retain moisture and equalise heat, which leads to even, moist and un-cracked cakes – just what you were after! 

Evenbake Cake Strips feature:
  • Designed in the USA.
  • Made from aluminised fabric, with Velcro backing.
  • Helps bake level and moist cakes.
  • Saturate strips in water, remove excess water, and then wrap around your cake pan before baking.
  • Presented as a pair.
  • Will fit most 20cm - 23cm cake pans.