(makes 6 large lamingtons)

I love my version of lamingtons. They are dipped in dessert-style boysenberry jelly made with gelatine.


250g boysenberries (frozen and thawed, or fresh)
90g (9 tbsp) castor sugar
6g (2 tsp) gelatine powder
50ml (3 tbsp + 1 tsp) water

100g (1 + 1/4 cups) desiccated coconut
250ml (1 cup) cream
Sponge Cake (cut out 12 x 6.5cm rounds using a cookie cutter or template as a guide)


  • To make boysenberry jelly: Into a food processor fitted with a plastic blade place boysenberries and castor sugar and whiz till a puree has formed. A plastic blade will prevent the seeds from splitting and causing bitterness. Pour puree through a sieve, pushing down on puree with the back of a soup ladle. Discard seeds and retain liquid. You should end up with approximately 250ml (1 cup) boysenberry puree.
  • Into a small bowl place water and sprinkle gelatine over water .Leave to soak for 5 minutes or till gelatine mixture becomes liquid.
  • Add gelatine to puree, stir and leave to sit for 5 minutes.
  • Tip coconut onto a large plate. Dip sponge rounds into boysenberry jelly and roll in the coconut to thoroughly coat on all sides. Leave sitting on a cake rack for at least 1 hour, or till jelly has set.
  • Whip cream till stiff peaks just begin to form. Place a tablespoon or two or three of cream between 2 sponge rounds to form a lamington. Refrigerate till required but serve on the day they are filled.