Bibby Cup and Saucer

  • Bibby Cup and Saucer

Bibby Cup and Saucer

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Known as the Godfather of NZ Espresso, Jeff Kennedy has been producing some of the finest cups for cafe use all around the world. He has now turned his expertise and attention to the world of tea.

This cup features a robust yet delicate ceramic wall with a spacious flat handle that rests with comfort on your fingers as you sip from the cup. The cups are constructed in two stacked sphere shapes. This not only adds some stunning style but this cups practicality.

The upper sphere surface area allows you to enjoy the tea by cooling faster yet the lower sphere reduced surface area allows it to retain the heat of the tea in the cup. All this results in a cup of tea that is enjoyed at the same temperature from the start to the finish. Perfect.

Material: Ceramic