Avanti Water Bottle 500ml

  • Avanti Water Bottle 500ml

Avanti Water Bottle 500ml

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Stainless steel Avanti water bottles have a fancy name for a good reason: the ‘twin wall fluid bottles’ are double-wall insulated to keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours – ideal for hot summer days, a refreshing drink at the gym or a heated business meeting! The insulated body also reduces condensation which means no wet hands when you carry icy cold drinks. What’s more, an Avanti drink bottle will also keep your beverage hot for up to 12 hours, making it an indispensable companion on cool autumn and winter days.

The other fancy feature of Avanti water bottles is, of course, their stunning design. 

Ideal to put into anything from school bags through to lunch totes and handbags, an Avanti stainless steel bottle won’t leak thanks to a tight-fitting twist cap with silicone seal.

You won’t get frustrated, trying to stuff a bulky flask into your child backpack’s bottle pocket – Avanti has been designed in a sleek shape that makes it fit effortlessly.