Avanti Silicone Garlic Peeler

  • Avanti Silicone Garlic Peeler

Avanti Silicone Garlic Peeler

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Designed specifically to remove skin from garlic whilst keeping the cloves whole and ready for pressing, this Avanti Silicone Garlic Peeler is ideal for both large and small cloves of garlic and is made from 100% non-absorbent food-grade silicone.

It does not retain odors or flavours, is dishwasher safe and is easy to use. Simply insert whole segments of garlic inside the peeler and place it on a flat surface and with the palm of your hand just apply pressure and roll back and forth a few times to release the skin.

Price is per x1 peeler. Colours come assorted and will be chosen at random. Please enquire prior to ordering if you wish for a certain colour and we will try our best to meet your needs.