Avanti Deluxe Wine Aerator

  • Avanti Deluxe Wine Aerator

Avanti Deluxe Wine Aerator

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Aerate red wine quickly and efficiently with the Avanti Deluxe Wine Aerator Set. The set comes with a purpose-built stand and drip-tray that allows easy wine decanting without a mess. The stand features a tower at the ideal height for pouring into a wine glass and allows for one-handed operation. The aerator is specially designed to speed up the decanting process with perfect aeration being achieved in the time it takes to pour a glass. The aerator effectively infuses the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen enhancing aromas, flavours and providing a smoother finish. Easy to use, place the aerator in the holder and the wine glass on the base of the stand. Simply pour your wine through the aerator and directly into a wine glass. Sip and enjoy. To prevent wine from exiting the air holes, start pouring on the side of the chamber instead of directly down the centre.

Set includes: 1 x Aerator. 1 x Stand. 1 x Aerator Base. 1 x Drip Tray Strainer and 1 x Travel Pouch.

  • One hand operation
  • Simulates decanting instantly
  • Enhances aromas and flavours
  • Removable filter for extracting sediment
  • Integrated aeration intake