Alice’s Adventures in Christmas Land

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  • Alice’s Adventures in Christmas Land

Alice’s Adventures in Christmas Land

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Who says Christmas is for children; we like to think young-at-heart like us, as well. Our Christmas classes have a well-deserved reputation for being not only deliciously tasty (goes without saying) with new ideas blended with familiar flavours, a lot of fun, all dressed up with a tasty theme and a riot of colour.

Join Ruth’s inner child as she runs free in Alice’s wonderful world, an all-time favourite book. Things are not always as they seem in Wonderland, so you can expect the unexpected in tastes, presentation, theming and fun. How about Red Queen Tarts? White Rabbit Terrine? Cheshire Cat Cheese Puffs? We promise no cats will be hurt in the making of this Christmas meal!

More seriously, Ruth’s Christmas menus look lavish but she doesn’t expect anyone to do everything. Lots of choices means the chief cook can choose dishes to best suit the range of ages, tastes and dietary needs around the festive table.

If people ask “how can I help” she suggests useful, but not-too-tricky things. Encourage kids to help from an early age. Mix and match this with that and everyone will be happy and well-fed, without driving the cook crazy. 

The best part of the class is tasting everything while admiring decorative ideas. The next-best part is that Ruth shows how to be organised: what you can make ahead, what will freeze or keep, how to manage oven space and working out a handy timetable for the day. Alice says “all the best people are entirely bonkers” but we prefer “all is calm” on Christmas Day.

As the King said, “Begin at the beginning, go on till you come to the end: then stop.”



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10.00am – 4.00pm, morning tea served from 9.15am