Ruth Pretty's Abel Tasman Adventure

Spectacular scenery and spanking fresh seafood. Relaxed accommodation overlooking the sea. Menus and wine tastings reward you after a day in the bush or on the water.

This is the Wilsons Abel Tasman National Park experience, and Ruth and Paul Pretty invite you to share it with them, for a special food, wine and outdoor pursuit adventure. Monday 28 - Wednesday 30 March 2016.

  "I call this civilised adventure,”  smiles  Ruth. "I did this walk a few  years ago, and  loved it. It was not  too energetic, with  gorgeous bush,  beach and water views.  Being in  native beech and rata forests  meant it was pleasantly cool, and  the local  guides were helpful and  informative. The  promise of a cool  drink and good dinner at  the end is  always a great incentive, too!

"Also, my friend Craig Wilson (part of the original family who owned the land where the original Meadowbank was built and set up the company) is the chef, and his food is fantastic and local.

"I am really looking forward to some pure relaxation in this beautiful setting, with the choice of walking, kayaking or simply boating from day to day. Your luggage is transported for you, so you need carry only a camera and water bottle.


"And naturally every day will conclude with one of Craig’s wonderful dinners, overlooking a beautiful beach and bay, sipping wonderful wines. Not at all bad?” she suggests.

The Abel Tasman National Park is a very special place. This special foodie weekend will have exclusive use of the lodges and services, 28-30 March 2016. Do join us .. here are the details.

I won’t say I taught Craig everything he knows, but as a youngster Craig worked with me at Kelburn’s Marbles Restaurant in the old days! He worked overseas for many years cooking for rock stars most notably Paul and Linda McCartney but the lure of the family business Wilsons Abel Tasman and the park itself drew him back.

"Craig tells me one of his speciality dishes at the lodges is Tasman Bay Scallops on the barbecue, with a Sweet Lime and Chilli Dressing. Can’t wait!

"The area produces extraordinarily good seafood, fruits, wines and meats ... we will be eating very locally, with all dietary requirements easily accommodated. Paul will select Tasman region wines to match.

"During the day, you can choose to walk up an appetite on the Abel Tasman track or on the water by kayak. Or take it easy and cruise through Abel Tasman beautiful coastline by boat as you anticipate another fabulous feast,” she concluded.