When we’re flat out pre-Christmas with everyone else’s entertaining, there’s simply no time (or energy) for our own staff Christmas party. So we invited our staff, partners and their kids for a lovely relaxed Sunday afternoon at Springfield in mid January.

 We don’t mind getting staff members to help with the prep and set-up, but we can’t really ask them to work at their own Christmas party! So Paul managed the drinks and I did the food, and our adorable pug dogs; Edie, Emerald and Elsa, provided the entertainment highlights.

 The Ice Cream Sundae station was the runaway winner. Especially requested by staff members, the 12 flavours of ice cream and array of sauces was perfect for a hot lazy afternoon. My new best helper, 10-year old Jade, was fantastic and I am looking forward to her joining the staff as soon as we can find an apron to fit her.

 It was a gorgeous afternoon in the sunshine, and everyone , ranging from 17 to 90-something in age, had a lovely time being guests for a change. They loved eating items like Fillet of Beef, Glazed Hams and lots of colourful salads that they usually serve to our clients.

Paul fired up the wood-fired oven at <<6am>> and it worked hard as everyone pitched in and made their own pizza. Our chef <<name>> prepped the pizza dough on Friday, leaving it refrigerated in a very large plastic bucket where it rose slowly to be perfect by Sunday. A good tip!

 It’s also great to be able to say thanks to the families. So many of our staff work late nights and weekends at functions, and long hours over Christmas especially. A great day.