Barbecue Bonanza (but not only for blokes)

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  • Barbecue Bonanza (but not only for blokes)

Barbecue Bonanza (but not only for blokes)

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Yes, there are usually many men at our famous summer barbecue classes, looking for a few tips, techniques and tricks to dazzle guests.  But let’s not be discriminatory about this … ladies can whip up marinades and wield tongs just as well.  So this is an equal opportunity barbecue class. It’s a summer institution at Te Horo, and a much appreciated gift.

There will be meat. And vegetables.  And seafood. And those tasty accompaniments that often take a dish from good to great.  With 30 years of catering experience to draw on, Ruth has barbecued for literally thousands, and borrowed more than a few ideas from other great barbecuers along the way. She will happily share her experience and answer all your questions.

Being organised may not sound as much fun as flare-ups, but it’s much less stressful for everyone. Ruth will show you how to manage your barbecue event with a minimum of fuss, and maximum of flavour. That means very happy guests at your barbecue bonanza.


Saturday 16 March 2019

10.00am – 4.00pm, morning tea served from 9.15am