La Cuisine Casseroles and Sauté Pans

  • La Cuisine Casseroles and Sauté Pans

La Cuisine Casseroles and Sauté Pans

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This range was designed in Ireland by Marcus Notley, a specialist in luxury consumer products for the home. Marcus has worked closely with a variety of established brand specialists and manufacturers in both Europe and the US and his designs are sold internationally. His signature 'sculpted elegance' style has been employed to create the unique wide-angle wedge profile handles found on all La Cuisine products. These allow four fingers to pass through, guaranteeing a stable grip. The inner wedge provides a platform on which to rest the fingers, for both comfort and stability (vital when using gloves/mitts to remove hot pans from the oven).

They use the latest technology in cast iron and have moved production away from traditional floor-casted processes in favour of the ultra-reliable Disa production technique.  This method, which originated in Denmark, involves the use of sand moulds and results in exceptionally smooth castings. The moulds are used only once, meaning that every single item is quite unique.

Ranging in size and shape, La Cuisine products are perfect for wedding presents and are a must have for family homes.

Material: Lightweight crafted cast iron with fine enamel finish