Bottle Cleaning Sponge Beans

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  • Bottle Cleaning Sponge Beans

Bottle Cleaning Sponge Beans

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Cleans plastic and metal water bottles, sport bottles, carafes, pitchers, baby bottles and more.
Suitable for bottle openings larger than 2cm.
Attach string (not included) to holes for retrieval from narrow topped bottles.

How to use:
Drop the beans into a reusable bottle.
Fill the bottle 1/2 to 1 inch of either cold or warm water. You can add a drop of mild dishwashing liquid if preferred.
Close the lid tightly and shake for 30 seconds (depending on how dirty). Shake thoroughly to ensure the product reaches every stain.
Empty contents and rinse well with clean water.
Allow the bottle to air dry fully and thats it!
..and yes, this product is reusable.

Material:Made from cellulose sponge with ceramic weights