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Nana's Big Day Out with Ruth

Relax Nana, we do change some of the food and activities each time, and even some of the jokes! Seriously, we love the buzz of these sessions where youngsters and their responsible adult (or sometimes more than one because it’s so much fun) can get their hands grubby as they discover the pleasure of making or helping to make something they can eat, enjoy and share. We mix it up for enquiring young minds aged generally 5-10, with quizzes, hands-on decorating, mixing and of course eating over an exuberant three hours. The Garden Room at Springfield is a robust venue, and if Nana does need a quick break from the excited chatter of small people, Ruth’s kitchen shop is right next door for some light shopping and a revitalising hot drink. A day out with Nana is ideal mid-holiday fare. Bring your camera. Dress code: Informal or Party.

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Price: $45.00 per person, click here to book

Wednesday 30 April 2014